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We understand that the cannabis industry carries with it perceptions and sensitivities that must be respected. Therefore, our obligation to the community is multi-faceted. We seek to partner with charitable organizations and community liaisons to make sure we leave a positive footprint on the communities we enter.



We understand the negative elements often associated with cannabis such as odor, criminal activity, loitering and mischief. Our top priority is the safety of our employees and safety of our community. We will work diligently to combat any activity that does not credit the values of the community.


Getting involved in the community in which you do business is more than simply giving money. It is helping those that are disadvantaged with time, energy and expertise to better their lives. Whether it is supporting a group with extra hands or starting an initiative of our own where we see need, we are committed to engaging in the communities we enter.


We intend to be profitable. We also intend to share our good fortune with the community that made it possible. HerbNJoy is committing a percentage of its profits to the community.


Our brand image, the way we present ourselves as a retailer should not only be tasteful but match or exceed the standard set by the community’s best businesses.


We are committed to hire, contract and spend our money locally. These commitments are built into our construction, hiring and contract services plans. The only expenditures that are sourced outside of the community are for specific items that cannot be obtained locally (i.e. a cannabis POS system).


Our employees are hired locally and compensated with above market wages for both managers and hourly employees and our company offers generous benefits including paid medical benefits, vacation and PTO.
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